Zigzags and contradictions of comrade Alan Woods on the situation in Iran

On 19th February 2010 I received a letter written by comrade Alan Woods (on behalf of the IS). I found this a very interesting letter, especially as it comes from the principle leader of our organization. This letter shows the depth of the IMT’s leadership crisis. This is a leadership which acts as a group of journalists in the face of major events in a critical part of the world like Iran. For this reason I shall try to respond to this letter in depth, paragraph by paragraph, so that nothing will be left out.

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On Maziar Razi’s expulsion and the IRMT’s disaffiliation

To the rank and file of the IMT

Dear comrades

Taking into consideration the behaviour of the IS over the past nine months, and the IEC’s consistent indifference or endorsement of this behaviour pattern, we came to realise – even before our expulsion – that it is impossible to contact you through the internal communication channels of the IMT, the so-called ‘democratic structures’. When we were the IMT’s official Iranian section we even found it difficult to contact all IEC, national EC and CC members – let alone the rank and file of the sections.

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The IMT is dead, long live the International!

Statement on the expulsion of Maziar Razi and disaffiliation of the IRMT by Alan Woods’s Clique

Today’s extraordinary conference of the Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency (IRMT) was called immediately after the events at the March International Executive Committee (IEC) meeting of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT). Once the proceedings of the session on Iran were reported to our members it was clear that a conference would have to be convened for the specific purpose of disaffiliation from the IMT. This is because of Alan Woods’s Clique’s consistently opportunist position of pandering to President Hugo Chavez’s foreign policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) for the sake of appearances on Venezuelan TV and regular red carpet treatment at Miraflores Palace.

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