End the Silence! Prepare for the Revolution in Iran!

Once again on 14 February 2011 hundreds of thousands of brave young people came out on the streets of Iran. This time the demonstrations were in support of the struggles of the people of North African against their dictatorial regimes. However, the protests in Iran, like the protests in 2009 during the heady days of the ‘election’, were against the ruling clique. As in 2009, although the protests were called by Mousavi and Karroubi (leaders of the regime’s ‘reformist’ wing), the protesters were instead chanting radical slogans such as “Down with dictatorship” and “Mubarak! Ben Ali! Now it’s time for Seyed Ali! [meaning Khamenei]”.

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Egypt- A reply to Morad Shirin

We have to give clear guideline in our analysis based on the objective situation and our understanding of the experiences of the international class struggle. In a very good analytical article about the situation of Egypt, published here yesterday, once again the central slogan for masses considering the objective situation is missing.

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